Friday, 20 November 2009

Untravelled Paths in Romania

November 2009 - Bucharest, Balea Lake and more:

So with the start of our season only a matter of weeks away, we are already in Romania preparing for our first guests and haven't we been busy.

Bucharest certainly hasn't lost any of it's charm, especially the Lipscani District which just gets better everytime we visit, with it's seemingly endless number of hidden gems, whether it's a beautiful old church, a funky bar or secret side street you simply hadn't noticed before. We stumbled across some fantastic discoveries, not least of all our trendy new accommodation - the chic Hotel Zava, which brings some refreshing colour and style to the Bucharest Hotel scene.

The pedestrianisation of Smardan street (pictured above) has finished and looks great, it now compliments the lovely Rembrandt Hotel and the string of cools bars and cafes that are also on the street.

To view Hotel Zava and our other Bucharest accommodation, click the link below:

Our adventures have not been restricted to Bucharest either, we even found time to travel up to Transylvania and take another look round the stunning medevial town of Sibiu, taking a stroll around the remarkable peasant village (right), before visting our friends at Balea lake, which will be home to the Ice Hotel once the lake has frozen completely.

As usual it was absolutely magical up there, the weather wasn't as clear as the last time we visited, we were in the clouds rather than above them but that just added to the atmosphere, so peaceful, tranquil, almost spooky for a London lad! Not forgetting the incredible views that you'd expect from over 2000m. The construction of the new chalet is almost completed, with just the finishing touches being made to the interior. The rooms all looked very rustic, very polished, you could certainly imagine getting all cosy there at night while the temperature drops and the wind picks up outside. Some on the rooms even have balconies, not that you'd use them in the winter!

It was great to catch up with Arnold, Inga and Anca to discuss the new season Balea Lake Ice Hotel and they had some very exciting news which will surely make this the best Ice Hotel yet at Balea Lake. They are customising all 10 rooms this year and adding a winter park with even more activities than last year. The floor plan for the Ice Hotel (below) illustrates exactly what they have planned and I have to say we were thoroughly impressed.

So for those joining us in the coming months it looks like your in for a pretty cool time!
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Monday, 24 August 2009

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